The Benefits Of Natural Mosquito Repellent

For men and women who wish to drive away troublesome mosquitoes without using harsh chemicals, natural mosquito repellent is a wonderful option. When the bugs are kept out of the house and the yard, individuals can enjoy their summer activities without worrying about getting bit. This will keep them free of skin irritation going forward. Individuals who are allergic to mosquito bites will see especially promising benefits.

If there is a specific area in which the bugs are usually found, then homeowners will want to concentrate on that location. They might use certain mixtures that will prevent the insects from accessing the area near the swimming pool or picnic table. When property owners sprinkle powder around the region, the kids can enjoy the yard without any problems.

Several university studies have indicated that catnip can drive mosquitoes away. The herb contains certain essential oils that the insects dislike. When the catnip is placed in strategic locations around the house, homeowners will be able to avoid mosquitoes for the remainder of the year. Catnip is not hard to procure and can be found in most specialty stores.

Citronella is a tried-and-true method of avoiding mosquito bites. Individuals can rub the oil into the skin so that some of the natural odors given off by the body are masked. People should avoid buying fragrant oils and should attempt to buy citronella in its purest form. This will ensure that the oil is much more effective at keeping the bugs away.

Lavender has a strong, sweet smell that will likewise be great at keeping the insects away. Because lavender can be quite strong, most people will want to mix it with coconut oil so that the aroma is somewhat diluted. When men and women get the mixture just right, the lavender can be placed outside on patios or decks.

Black pepper, which most individuals have around the house, can also be used to repel both mosquitoes and other insects. Black pepper oil, which is made from pepper grains, can be used. When the oil is rubbed into the skin before individuals go outside into the late summer evening, the mosquitoes will be forced to look elsewhere for a meal. Most oils are not hard to come by and will cost only a few dollars.

When the kids will be swimming in the pool in the back yard, they will need to be especially careful. Because they will likely have quite a bit of skin exposed, the mosquitoes will have a much easier time drawing blood. Parents should always instruct their kids to use water-resistant repellent whenever they will be engaging in an afternoon of swimming.

In the end, natural mosquito repellent can be made from a broad array of ingredients. Whether men and women choose to use oils, sprays, or powders, they should be sure that they are not allergic to the products. They can then guarantee that each and every family member can avoid being troubled by mosquitoes through the months ahead.

One of the problems with mosquito’s is malaria – here’s a good Ted Talk on the subject of the past and future of malaria – Q&A with Sonia¬†Shah

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